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Writing a Funeral Speech

Funeral SpeechFuneral Speech is perhaps the most hurting task one has to perform. In general funeral speeches are made by the near and dear ones of the deceased. Giving speech at the funerals requires a great deal of courage, great amount of self control as it’s not very easy to speak about the people who is very close but no more with them.

Funeral speeches are made to console the people who have gathered to share the grief of their loss. Often Funeral speeches are accompanied with poems describing the personality and the character of the person at whose funeral the speech is being delivered. Many times Funeral speeches take the shape of Eulogies thereby praising or commending the deceased.

There had been examples in past about speeches at the funeral, perhaps the most famous speech and a great example of oratory was Mark Anthony’s speech at the Funeral of Julius Caesar. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears….” this starting line reminds us of the great oratory speech by Mark Anthony. Therein he being in agreement with Brutus mobilised the mob against him and praised Caesar.

Nowadays casket stores are also supplied with many instant speeches to be delivered at the funeral. The casket stores besides providing caskets and coffins for the dead bodies also provide many services as new business ideas thereby helping to reduce the burden on the relatives of making arrangements for the funeral proceedings to take place. These services of Casket stores include decorations, arranging places for funeral and in many cases funeral speeches.