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Why Wood Caskets?

Wood CasketsWood is the oldest known material to man and is natural as well as environment friendly choice. Wooden caskets are therefore preferred a lot by many people. Hardwood is strong, attractive in addition to being shock-resistant. As all pieces of hardwood look somewhat different, caskets available at different casket stores have their own warming identity. If you choose hardwood, you are also leaving a gift for coming next generation as wood is renewable.

Hardwood is derived from any leafy tree generally known as deciduous. You must not confuse the name hardwood with actual hardness of wood as they are not related. Hardwood is available in almost 90,000 species across the world and almost 4,000 of them can be adapted for manufacturing. 2 categories differentiate available hardwood

–          Open grain (oak and ash)

–          Close grain. (maple and poplar)

Some well-liked choices for wooden Caskets include:

–          Premium Hardwoods (Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut)

–          Standard Hardwoods (Oak, Ash, Elm, Maple)

–          Common Hardwoods (Poplar, Cottonwood)

Wooden caskets are finished with polish/ hand-rubbed gloss/ satin finish. Professional wood workers who are skilled in this art are hired by casket stores. Set of procedures is followed to ensure that customer gets best quality final product. Varieties of finishes are applied to the exterior by craftsmen to make it look graceful and elegant. Variety of velvet/ crepe material is available to complement quality and appearance of wooden casket. Choices are also available for interiors for personalized look. Wooden caskets are environmentally sound and are not hard on your pockets also.