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Standards to follow while Casket Manufacturing

Casket ManufacturingAlmost all religions follow some rituals/ ceremonies after death of a loved one. Jewish law also dictates some elements that the casket must possess so that it can be considered kosher. There are some casket stores where you can get caskets that are made as per Jewish law. Casket companies make special effort to make sure that all caskets meet the ‘Orthodox Jewish’ standards. Here are the standards that must be met:

–          Casket must be simple and plain to reiterate the fact that all of us are equal in death.

–          There must not be any nails/ screws and wooden dowels must be used.

–          Glue used must not be animal based; it has to be vegetable based.

–          Body must be return to earth at the earliest and casket should be wooden with few holes in bottom that can hasten decomposition of body.

–          Casket must not be manufactured on Sabbath.

–          Casket must entirely be biodegradable and natural materials must be used in interior also.

As caskets have to be bio-degradable, adjustable beds cannot be added. Special bed known as wood wool is used which is quite similar to the steel wool but wool strands are larger in it. Beds of wood wool have big mattresses filling almost half casket and other half is left for deceased.

It is not only Jewish standards that are followed by casket companies; you can get number of other option as well. You can visit the casket store personally and have a look at available designs. If you are not in situation to personally visit as death of a loved one may have devastated you, you can place your order online.
Creative Commons License photo credit: bazylek100