Lower your funeral costs and buy a discount casket online

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Simply Coffins

coffinThe word “coffin” itself is very scary. Its usually synonymous with death and sends shivers down our spines at the thought of buying our own coffin.  However, as we all know, death is inevitable.  Why avoid your fate?  Why not prepare yourselves in advance and make sure your passing is a graceful transitional period for both you and your family.

Shop for a decorative and beautiful coffin that you feel best represents the person you are.  The casket is the final vehicle to usher you out of this world, so you might as well ride with style.

Wooden Coffins

Unlike the above picture, most modern wood caskets individually crafted masterpieces.  Here are a few wood based coffins available on the market :

  • Veneered coffins: These caskets have plain surfaces with some design work done on the wood itself. They have smooth a surface with no engravings on them.
  • Solid wood coffins: Solid wood coffins are made of oak panels on the side with a double lid. The name of the deceased is sometimes engraved on a wooden panel on top of the coffin.
  • Cardboard coffins: They are relatively light but are somewhat soft. One advantage to purchasing a cardboard coffin is that they are relatively cheaper than other types and are eco friendly.
  • Biodegradable coffin: Also known as eco coffins, this type of casket has gained very massive popularity for being environmentally friendly. They are mostly made of wool, organic cotton and biodegradable cardboard which causes no harm to our environment.

Remember to feel free to discuss your needs and budget with your family before you buy a casket.