Lower your funeral costs and buy a discount casket online

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Shopping for Steel Caskets

There are large number of casket stores in this country that supply wooden and metal caskets (including this one).  However, how do you shop for a casket?  Today, we will try and explain the finer points of picking your own steel casket.

There are many types of metal caskets and each of them have unique features. All of them offer unique advantages.

Bronze, copper and stainless steel fall in the semi-precious metals category.  The major difference is bronze and copper are listed according to their weight per square foot (i.e: 32 ounces), while steel caskets are categorized by the thickness of the material used (i.e 16-gauge, 18-gauge or 20-gauge).

The different types of metal caskets

  • Bronze: Bronze is an alloy made from copper, zinc and tin.  Its a semi-precious metal, is considered to be one of the strongest and longest lasting materials on the casket market.  It can resist corrosive elements and is accepted as the best coffin material available.  A natural finish is usually applied by hand on caskets to give them an elegant look and help everyone appreciate the beauty of any ceremony.
  • Copper: Copper is another semi-precious metal with very long life span.  Copper roofs and pipes are kept in good condition even today on some of the world’s greatest architectural gems.  It has an exceptional resistance towards corrosion and is 1/3 stronger than stainless steel. For casket manufacturing, its mostly available in 32-ounce weight.  Coffin artisans apply natural, brushed or painted finishes to copper caskets to give them a graceful look.
  • Stainless Steel: Made from an alloy of carbon and steel that contains 10% chromium.  Nickel or other elements can also be used in the bonding process. Research has proved that stainless steel lasts approximately 8 times longer than 16-gauge carbon steel materials. It has also been proved that stainless steel has a 67% longer life span than copper.
  • Steel: Steel has long lasting nature, is quite affordable and offers a great quality product. That is why steel caskets are so popular. They are available in any number of colours (i.e shades of blue, brown, black, gray and even pastels like purple and pink) which makes every piece look unique.

Steel caskets are available in the casket store and can be delivered directly to your funeral home.  If you take the time to compare prices with your local funeral director’s price list, you will also notice that buying a casket online will save you a tremendous amount of money.