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A Sealed Casket

Sealed CasketsIn many cultures of the world there had been a tradition of burial of the dead bodies since ages unknown to mankind. Ceremonial burial or the Funeral of the dead is an ancient tradition, since men has become a social animal, which is prevalent for the sole purpose of praying to the almighty for the peace of the soul of the deceased. The Funeral process is different in different cultures. Burial of the dead is followed by maximum people dwelling on this planet.

A dead body cannot be buried simply. They have to be enclosed in some kind of casings before burials. Caskets and coffins are often used for the purpose of burial, found in casket store. According to the type of English prevalent in North America differentiates between Casket and Coffins, although they are synonymous. According to it, casket is a funerary box having four sides while coffins are funerary box having six sides.

Caskets and Coffins can be of various types. They are not only used for the purpose of burial but also for the transportation of dead bodies from one place to other. Casket Stores opened in various places are a business opportunity and help many to have their ends meet.

Caskets can be of various types. Some of them can be sealed. Sealed caskets are generally made of plastic. Their configuration is of frustoconical type. Often some remains are buried, so the sealed caskets are often elongated to accommodate the remains of the deceased. Once the deceased and his/her remains are placed the cover is then wielded at many points for the purpose of sealing.

Though deaths are hard to accept but it is the ultimate truth. One, who has borne, has to die someday.

Creative Commons License photo credit: palindrome6996