Lower your funeral costs and buy a discount casket online

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Need an eco friendly coffin? Think of Cardboard Caskets

cardboard coffinChoosing the ideal casket for your loved one can sometimes get difficult, but with a prudent planning and doing business with a good casket store, your problems can be reduced by a great extent.  Metal caskets are a good choice but they are generally non biodegradable. Nowadays, most customers prefer cardboard caskets to metal caskets. A Cardboard casket is also known as an eco casket because of its bio degradable properties and has a lots of advantages over metal caskets.  

For instance:

  • They are easier to manufacture than metal or the wooden coffins which makes them cheaper.  The materials used to make a typical cardboard casket cost about $50.  Metal or wooden coffins can cost two to fives times as much to produce.
  • Eco coffins can be customized according to your specific needs and demands at a cheaper price.
  • They are generally very light weight and easier to carry around.
  • Bio degradable coffins can dissolve within a period of just six months making the world just a tad bit greener.

The downside to a green funeral

There are many advantages to buying a cardboard casket, but be warned, there are also some disadvantage.  For example, standard eco coffins aren’t suitable to carry a weight of more than 200 kilograms (440 lbs).

Learning the lingo : Burial Coffin

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The word “Casket” is for hard covers that protect delicate internal items from external damage. In the funeral business, there is a specific term for the item in which we lay our dearly departed for their final rest.  That term is : a burial coffin.

We all know that the death of someone near and dear to us is the most painful thing we have to endure in our life. However stressful the situation must be, we should not forget our foremost duties towards providing the departed with a proper burial.  Your priority is to find a proper burial coffin for the funeral ceremony.  Obviously most funeral parlours offer their own inventory of funeral caskets with which they include massive mark-ups.  That is why such online casket stores such as this one exist : so you can buy discount coffins.

What is a Burial Coffin?

The practice of placing an object or person into the ground is formally known as burial and the burial coffin plays the most important role in the procedure. They are specialized caskets made exclusively for burials and can be found in every Casket Store or Funeral Parlour. They are large boxes where the body of the departed is kept and is then buried into the ground.

Ordering a Burial Coffin

Casket stores offer many different sized burial coffins according to your requirements. They are specially designed in such a manner as to prevent the inner contents from being destroyed by mud or other natural factors.  Many a times, burial coffins are externally protected by another harder coffin made-up of concrete or plaster to provide additional protection.  The burial casket in which we are layed to rest is considered an important part of our afterlife and thus has  great emotional impact on us all.