Lower your funeral costs and buy a discount casket online

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Oversized Caskets

Sometimes special oversized caskets are required for odd sized people such as was the case for Walter Hudson who at the time of his death weighed over 1 125 pounds.  A special coffin was made which weighed over 800 pounds itself.

Recently, the oversized casket market has been steadily growing due to the rapidly increasing number of obese people in America.  Companies such as the Goliath Casket Company now specialize in manufacturing coffins which can contain upwards to 1 000 pounds for their Online Casket Store clients.

Most casket stores offer oversized coffins from various manufacturers, but only Goliath Caskets produce the 52 inch wide version.  According to them, the need for their caskets is increasing 10 to 20% every year.

In other words, the market is getting “huge”.