What if we are preplanning or the person is in hospice? Can you store it for us?

Currently we will not store your casket.  You pay us and we will ship it to your residence or to the funeral home.  The funeral home is required to accept our casket only if someone has already died.  They are not required to accept the casket if no one has died and they do not want to make it easy for you.  They will typically say, “We do not have the room for the casket”.  Of course you do not believe this, but now you know why they say this.  When you have decided on a funeral home and they have given you all the prices, you can say ” I will give you my business, but you have to store my casket until I need it (if they are going to pass soon)”.  Otherwise you will have to keep the casket in your garage.  We ship many caskets to people now that are preplanning and keeping them in their garage.  Their main objective is being prepared and saving money.  Your choice.

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