Should I mention to the funeral home that I will be buying a casket from you?

Do not mention to the funeral home initially that you will be buying the casket from us because they will simply add the extra $3000 to $3500 that you were going to save to the other services so that the total funeral cost still comes up to the same.  First get the itemized list (limo, body preparation, chapel, etc.) of prices and the casket (which is required by the Federal Trade Commission to be listed) has to be shown as a separate item.  After you have checked pricing at several funeral homes, then tell the funeral home that you will be purchasing a casket from us.  They cannot charge you for receiving the casket and must receive it.  See below on the total strategy.  You must tell the funeral home that we will be shipping a casket to them.  You can report the funeral home to the Federal Trade Commission online or by calling them if they do not give you an itemized list .

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