What about the Funeral Home’s package discount?

The funeral home typically will charge you the $2500 + casket ($4500) to arrive at the average $7000 service.   What they do is inflate the services to $5000 (add $2500) and if you buy the casket from the funeral home they give you a $2500 discount from $4500 to $2000 on the casket.   The end result is the inflated $5000 + discounted casket of $2000 leaves you with the same total price of $7000.   So they fool you.   Also the online casket price does not look as cheap but actually you are still paying $4500 for the casket because they have inflated the services up $2500.   If the funeral home is $2000 for the casket and we are $1000 on ours, you might not think that you are saving that much.   Conclusion, go to other funeral homes, the service fee is normally $2500 and much better when you are negotiating, not $5000.   One customer said it all, when they asked the funeral home if they could a buy casket online and ship it to the funeral home.   They said sure, but they paid $5000 for the services instead of $2500.   Get the itemized list first showing the $2500 for all service fees, then cross off the $4500 casket and have us send you one.   Then your total is closer to $3500 instead of $7000.   Do not allow the funeral director to pick up the deceased until you have an itemized price list that you have gone over with him.   If they do not give you an itemized list report them to the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357.   See their web site for more details on the Funeral Rule at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/buspubs/funeral.shtm

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