Will the funeral home be upset if I do not buy their $4500 metal casket?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wanted to give consumers a choice of where to buy your casket realizing that the funeral home has a virtual monopoly now on the whole business.  Now the funeral home is required to give you an itemized list over the phone and in person including a separate line item for the casket.  You can then choose to remove any item including the $4500 steel casket from the list and buy the casket (our $995 sealed and lockable steel casket) from us.  They have to give you an itemized list but they also can offer Package pricing to include a particular casket.  It is illegal for them to only offer package pricing or to not accept a casket from another supplier.  Again, you can report them to the Federal Trade Commission or tell all of the elders at the church.

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