The funeral home already has the body and they are charging me like they are the only funeral home around. What can I do?

The statistics say that the average funeral home in the USA now does 50 funerals per year or approximately 1 per week.  Of course many do more than this and of course some do much less.  The ones that do fewer funerals are much more likely to give you a bargain.  You again need to negotiate with a funeral home far away from you and then as you become an expert to their sales tactics you can talk to the funeral home that has the body.  Remember to ask competing funeral homes what to do about the other funeral home already having the body.  You should only pay a very small transfer fee or the competing funeral home will probably go pick up the body for free to get your business.  Be careful, it is normal for funeral homes close to each other to do whatever they can to get the business but sometimes the same individual or the same big corporation owns both funeral homes.  They then will have no interest in picking up that body and no interest in giving you a better price.  Go find another funeral home.

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