If I agree to buy your casket and then my family members do not agree to buy it from you, then what?

Typically someone in the family becomes the decision maker in regard to the whole funeral service.  They decide what funeral home and where they will buy the casket.  Unfortunately what is the most common practice is to go to the closest funeral home while the tears are still fresh and buy everything without regard to price.  Every funeral home loves this.  If you find our web site interesting, this is what you should do below:
Step 1: Read all of the notes on these pages in regard to strategies to save money.
Step 2: Visit our store to get the final price on the casket.
Step 3: Talk to the decision maker in your family about our web site and have them read these pages of suggestions.  The negotiating tactics will still save you thousands even if you do not decide to buy from us.  This decision maker has already stepped forward to assume responsibility for handling this and they typically take the easiest and most expensive way by going to the nearest funeral home. This is a financial disaster.  It is equivalent to going to buy a car and the car dealer knows that you have to buy the car from him? What is the suggested retail price? It is whatever he tells you it is. What is a normal price? Talk about being vulnerable.  It is every car salesman’s dream but typically that is the normal case with all funeral services.
Step 4: Have the decision contact us to ask additional questions.  Help them to think that this is their decision to buy online.  Some decision makers will not do anything suggested by someone else purely because it is not their idea.  One good example is my wife.  She has to think that it is her idea or we will not do it.  Anyway, stay focused; the idea here is to spend $3000 on the funeral and not $7000.  Unfortunately the politics can get in the way.
Step 5: Shop around as stated below with different funeral homes starting with the furthest away.  Get itemized lists from each one.  Notice how one charges $200 for the limo service, others $100, others free.  What is the suggested list price? There isn’t one.  It is whatever they think you will pay or what the life insurance is for.

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