Lower your funeral costs and buy a discount casket online

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The Cost of a Casket

Cost of a CasketToday, the average cost of a funeral casket is about $2000.

Prices vary generally due to materials.  Wood, metal and plastic coffins are usually much less expensive than their Bronze or Copper counterparts which can easily fetch a $10 000 price tag.

When shopping for a casket at a funeral home, always ask for their list of caskets for sale including prices and descriptions.  According to the Federal Trade Commisions Funeral Rule, a casket store must show you their list before actually showing you any caskets.  According to studies, buyers order 1 of the first 3 funeral caskets that they see.   The catch is most casket stores will start by showing you their most expensive items.

With the recent appearance of online casket stores, shoppers must be aware that regulations prohibit funeral homes charging you extra for using a casket that was bought elsewhere or any type of “handling fee”.

Do not get convinced into spending more than you can afford on a funeral casket.  Always ask to see their complete list of caskets and don’t be shy to shop for lower priced models.  The mark up on funeral caskets can sometimes reach 600%, so don’t be afraid to haggle your price either.

Creative Commons License photo credit: vmiramontes