Lower your funeral costs and buy a discount casket online

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Looking for Cheap Coffins?

Cheap Coffins

Casket Stores either purchase coffins in bulk from casket manufacturer or hire skilled labor to manufacture in-house their own caskets to lower costs on filling their inventory.  Both methods are equally good, but only the best offer the savings to the consumer.

Why aren’t coffins cheap?

The number of players in the wholesale casket industry is limited. The cost of materials, labor, stamping machines and full sets of dye required for the manufacture of metal casket shells alone are over $1 000 000.  That is why entry into the casket store business can be quite difficult.

How it works

Funeral homes buy their inventory from coffin stores and sell them at 2 to 3 times the price to the customer.  They bet on the fact that most people are so ridden with grief that they want to get over the pain of arranging a funeral as quickly as possible.  So they offer to sell them expensive caskets at outrages prices.

However, you can buy coffins for cheap at anytime.  Any type of casket can be bought for cheap.

What type of cheap coffins can be found at a casket store?

Caskets made of wood (soft and hardwood) or metal can be bought for cheap.  Carbon steel caskets in different gauges (20 gauge being thinnest & 16 gauges being the thickest) or bronze/copper caskets come in 32 & 48 ounce materials per square foot can also be bought at discount prices.

Obviously, the cost of a casket varies depending on the material used, the quality of construction and the type of interior.  Bronze is the most expensive material.  It has maximum strength and resists rust naturally.  Copper is less expensive than bronze, but stainless steel has higher tensile strength.  The price of a wood coffin depends on the type of wood used.  There are many makes and models and we will not bother going through the list in this article.

Alright, so where is the bargain?

Firstly, take a look at our casket store.  You’ll find a vast selection of coffins, funeral urns, headstones and even pet caskets.  We’ve included the standard listing prices found in funeral homes as well as our reduced prices.

If you have any other question, feel free to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page of this site.