Lower your funeral costs and buy a discount casket online

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Caskets for sale – Save money on a funeral

caskets on saleMost funeral homes resell coffins, urns and headstones they bought from casket manufacturers.  Some stores have their own production units and in-house workers who manufacture their coffins.  Obviously this is a pretty rare scenario.  Unless they want to hold a large variety of designs and styles in their inventory, most in-house coffin manufacturers only produce custom made coffins.  However, unless you’re willing to shell out considerable amounts of money for a custom casket, your best bet is to buy a casket from a casket store.

Economics 101

Its all about supply and demand.  Funeral homes carry  limited stock because demand is low.  They will sell on average 2 or 3 coffins a month.  Casket Stores however cater to a broader market and carry a significantly larger inventory.  In our case, we sell hundreds of caskets a month requiring our supply to be much higher.  Since we order and manufacture in bulk, coffin prices are lower.  Simple as that.

Clearance Sales

Discount caskets are not low on quality in any sense. No compromises have been made on the caskets for sale.  They are the very same units you would find in any regular priced list.  Unfortunately, most people don’t think of looking for caskets on sale before they have to.  Its only when there is an imminent funeral at hand will they start shopping around and miss out on the deals.

Don’t be shy to shop for and ask for a list of coffins on sale.  Some might not even be on display.  Be sure to look for deals.  It may even lead you to saving over $5000 on a funeral.