Lower your funeral costs and buy a discount casket online

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Casket Stores now offering Eco Caskets

Eco CoffinsThe recent past has seen a great change in the attitude of the people to the environment and as a result of which the urge of the people to go green in each and everything they do has also increased. Even funeral caskets are being developed in such a way that they are eco friendly and have minimum carbon footprint. Nowadays generally all the casket stores have a wide variety of eco caskets in addition to the traditional metal caskets which were not eco friendly.

Eco caskets are generally made of cardboard or bamboo or other bio degradable materials. The eco caskets are nowadays becoming more popular than the traditional ones because of some reasons which are the following

  • Eco caskets generally take a maximum time of one year in which they fully decompose into organic waste and just leave the corpse behind, thus reducing the carbon footprints in the environment.
  • They are generally lighter than the traditional caskets which were made of metal or thick wood.
  • They are easier to manufacture and involve low cost as they are generally made up of eco friendly materials which are inexpensive. Hence the eco caskets are generally cheaper than the normal ones.
  • They are easier to customize than the normal caskets and don’t take as much as the metal or the wooden ones.

Nowadays all the casket stores around the world generally emphasize on selling eco caskets as because of the environmental issue and also because of the ease of customizing such caskets.