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Don’t be fooled

Most funeral parlors will offer to sell you an all inclusive package complete with coffin, headstone, ceremony, flowers and all related paperwork.  However, a massive mark up is usually tacked on – which is normal, they are a business afterall .  However, you don’t need to pay high prices.  The death of a loved one is heavy enough of a burden, there is no need to add a second financial burden to your list of problems.

Legally, a funeral parlor cannot insist you purchase a casket, headstone or any other funeral related item.  Also, they cannot charge you a fee for using an outside source for your coffin.  We advise you to shop around before deciding where to buy your casket or urn as prices at the funeral parlor can be quite high compared to buying them wholesale online.  A coffin can be the most expensive item on a funeral bill, so be sure to get the best price possible.