Lower your funeral costs and buy a discount casket online

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Casket Manufacturing

Casket ManufacturingCasket stores hold massive inventories all kinds of coffins so they offer you lower prices.  Anyone with a course in Business 101 knows that the more stock you can order, the better the price you get for buying in bulk.  When it comes to you, the consumer, the coffin store can then pass on the savings.

Its simple math

Funeral homes can’t give you the same prices as from an online funeral casket shop.  The typical funeral director orders 10 to 20 caskets per quarter while a casket store can manufacture or order well over 500 at a time.  In most cases, funeral homes buy their supply of caskets directly from casket stores.  So why would you order through the middle man?

Most funeral directors will try to rub you the wrong way if you mention buying your casket online but don’t let them discourage you.  They simply want to sell you their stock with a huge markup.

Casket Manufacturers

When it comes to Casket Manufacturing Companies, business is good.  The natural growth in global death rates is constantly increasing the demand for quality coffins to buy our dead and, unfortunately for us all, there will always be a demand for funeral caskets.